Host Site Benefits

Host Site Benefits & Responsibilities

Enjoy the Benefits of Hosting Our Classes

KTI Kinesiology Taping Institute is happy to offer a number of benefits to the hosts and personnel for the locations at which our classes will take place. In addition to the monetary value, you also get the added exposure of your name and location on all of our flyers and advertising in the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and fitness communities.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding your participation.

Host Site Benefits

  • Receive 1 free participant slot
    • $450 value for a 2-day course
    • $225 value for a 1-day course
  • 1 additional slot after 20 paid participants
    (Educational and ATC discount participants excluded)
  • Savings can be divided among many participants or used for additional spot
  • Potential value of $900

Host Site Space

  • For agreed upon number of participants
  • Space must accommodate - Lecture and lab in the same room

Host Site Clinic Opening – Closing and Registration Assistance

  • A pre-determined contact person from Host Site needed for opening and closing on class dates
  • Registration assistance provided by Host Site as needed
  • Host Site contact person's information will given to all participants on final confirmation letter 3-4 days prior to course
  • Contact person's phone number needed for instructor and participants in case of unseen problems including participants needed directions on the mornings of classes

Projection Area

  • Projector screen or light-colored wall space CANNOT be in direct sunlight
  • NO big-screen television substitute unless at least 5 ft. wide and 4 ft. height
  • Big-screen television must be standing eye level top edge
    no more than 7 ft. from the floor
  • Cannot be mounted on the upper ¼ of the wall forcing participants to look up for the entire lecture


  • Host site provides projector
  • Southern California class instructors may provide projector with prior arrangement
  • If instructors are flying for travel, projector discussion may be needed

Snacks Provided by Host Site Each Day of Class

  • Mornings before class
  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  • Each day of class for the registered number of participants and instructors


California Physical Therapy Association

Independent Physical Therapy Association of California

National Hemophilia PT Working Group

World Federation of Hemophilia-Muscular Skeletal Committee
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